For comedy and movement "Ride Along"

February 14, 2014 - box office

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Ride Along

Ride Along

The behaving in a film between Ice brick and Kevin Hart is good and we could see that they move out a best in any other to make a characters opening real.

Posted: Wednesday, Feb 12, 2014 9:15 am

For comedy and movement “Ride Along”


Recently we was perplexing to find a film to during a theaters, we found a film “Ride Along.”

The film is about a confidence ensure named Ben Barber who is played by Kevin Hart and he finds out he is going to a military academy. When he finds out he decides to introduce to his girlfriend, though there is one problem her hermit James Payton who is played by Ice Cube is a patrolman and he wants Ben to infer that he can strengthen his sister by bringing Ben on a float along.

The whole time they’re together one crazy thing after another happens and it does not stop with a antics.

The behaving in a film between Ice brick and Kevin Hart is good and we could see that they move out a best in any other to make a characters opening real.

This was apparent in a stage when Ben is initial revelation James he wants to have his blessing to marry his sister. Then James pulls out his gun and shoots Ben though this is in James mind since he does not like his sister beloved and thinks that Ben is not estimable of his sister.

It was humorous to see since we can describe to that when there is someone that is dating a family member they always do not consider that someone is good for there family member, this is since it is so constrained to see a actors reactions to any other.

Another stage that is good is when a dual characters are during a sharpened operation and Ben is seeking James how do we contend “freeze”, that’s when Ben starts to try to contend it a same approach as James. When this was going on we could see James was removing undone though both group done it to where we felt there opening was genuine and genuine.

I also suspicion a song played a purpose in some of a pivotal humorous moments in a movie. One of a best is when James is chasing a rapist and they put a right song in a conditions to make a stage hilarious.

The actors in this film only play good off any other and make it fun to watch there is never a lifeless moment. It had me on a corner of my chair a whole time since we was wondering what was going to occur next.

The reason since is since there was so most indeterminate moments we never knew what they were going to contend or do that done it most fun to watch.

I would have to arrange this as a need to see film since it does not defect and is a fun to watch. we would have to give “Ride Along” a 9.0 out of 10 only since it did all we wanted to see out of an movement and comedy movie.

If we like this film afterwards here are some other cinema we can go check out “Here Comes a Boom,” “In a End” and “Undercover Brother.”


Wednesday, Feb 12, 2014 9:15 am.

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