Florida Man Hitches Ride on a 30-Foot-Long Whale Shark [VIDEO]

June 18, 2014 - box office

Florida Man Hitches Ride on a 30-Foot-Long Whale Shark

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A Florida licence captain did not demur to squeeze on to a behind of a shark whale and go for a spin as a shark swam past his boat. This brave float was held on film.

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The confront with a 30-foot-long shark occurred on Jun 6 when licence captain James Bostwick was with his family 16.5 miles off Venice.  Bostwick saw a shark nearby his vessel and jumped into a H2O and grabbed a fin during a behind and rode along for  nearly 30 seconds.

The video of this brave float was after posted on his Facebook page commenting ‘Me and whale shark, one reduction on my bucket check list’. In a video one can see as Bostwick is carried divided from a boat, he turns and flashes a thumbs-up sign. This video combined a stir among viewers who were uneasy that a whale shark was being hurt. But this arrange of a attempt is not illegal, according to reports TV hire WTSP.

 Bob Hueter, executive of a Center for Shark Research during Mote Marine Laboratory, in an talk with a station, pronounced that whale sharks are stable and can't be trapped or harassed. It is protected to float with this animal during a stretch of  6 feet and yet it is not bootleg to hold them, it is always endorsed to stay distant from this animal.

“They can’t harm you, though we can harm them with too many contact,” Hueter told WTSP. “The problem with touching them is they have a mucous covering on a skin that is uneasy when touched, (so) too many it can concede a health of a animal in a prolonged run.”

It was not only Bostwick who enjoyed a float with a shark. There were 3 others who hitched a float on a shark’s back.

Bostwick says, “The whale shark was as extraordinary about us as we were about it. This was one of a many special things he could have finished in a water. I’m a really propitious one of a luckiest guys out on a water.”



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