Film Review: “Ride Along”

February 6, 2014 - box office

Written by: Nick Yang


“Ride Along” is a diseased entrance into a friend patrolman genre, sunk by Ice Cube’s cold miss of emotion

Rating 2/5
Directed by Tim Story
Starring Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, Laurence Fishburne
Rated PG-13
Release Date Jan.17

Ah, a friend patrolman movie. As old and trite as this recipe for churning out cinema goes, a friend patrolman film has remained an attention favorite, with cinema such as “The Other Guys” and “Hot Fuzz” proof that a money cow has nonetheless to be milked dry. A good friend patrolman film is a multiple of a movement and humor, a chemistry and chaos, as good as a blue-collar values and white-collar crime that we design from Hollywood’s features.

But for each hit, like “Lethal Weapon” or “Training Day,” there are exponentially some-more failures, like “Cop Out,” “Tango and Cash” or this year’s “Ride Along.” “Ride Along” is a typecast, predicted underline combined from a paint-by-numbers book and with phoned-in performances by a dual lead actors, Kevin Hart and rapper incited actor, Ice Cube.

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“Ride Along” tells a story of Ben Barber (Kevin Hart), a crook propagandize confidence ensure dependant to first-person shooters and who has inexplicably scored an amazing, pleasing lady notwithstanding his complete ineptitude. In sequence to marry her, Ben contingency initial benefit a capitulation of her tough patrolman hermit James Payton (Ice Cube) by proof his value and potency on a “ride along” mission.

As considerable and excellent as Kevin Hart’s transition from a stand-up comedian into an actor has been, his choice of cinema and behaving decisions has been unfortunate. His customary description as an effeminate, screaming, high-energy jokester has started to abrade on many an assembly member’s nerves. His opening in “Ride Along” is no different; he jumps with eternal appetite and disorienting speed from one inexpensive wisecrack to a next: He’s taunted by an facile schooler, and he talks nonsense while high on morphine.

All of Hart’s jokes are executed with an dull wish that someone somewhere in a assembly competence confirm to amusement him with a magnetism laugh.

His partner-in-crime is played by a ever-ebullient Ice Cube (“Are We There Yet?”), who attempts to be a tough man of a friend patrolman twin as he continues his less-than-illustrious behaving career. Unbeknownst to many a Hollywood actor looking to phone-in a opening for an easy paycheck, a purpose of a tough partner in a friend patrolman film requires on-the-spot, passionless amusement and absolute presence.

Ice Cube creates a diseased try during accomplishing this by holding a same, angry facial countenance via a infancy of a film, usually violation his expression to make various, distressed attempts during emoting.

As expected, “Ride Along” is truly zero special. Even if a film itself spawns an occasional grin or two, a volume of laughs is closer to a volume in a five-second YouTube video or a GIF. Skip a outing to a theater; you’ll find some-more laughs during home.

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