February Preview (cont.): ‘Pompeii,’ ‘Non-Stop,’ ‘Son of God’ & More

February 1, 2014 - box office

by Ray Subers

 January 31, 2014

Continued from “February 2014 Preview”

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February 21

On a third weekend of February, writer Luc Besson‘s 3 Days to Kill faces off opposite disaster film Pompeii.

is a second entrance in a early-2014 sword-and-sandal trilogy: it arrives a month after The Legend of Hercules, and dual weeks before 300: Rise of An Empire. The Paul W.S. Anderson film is a fictionalized comment of a tear of Mount Vesuvius, that buried a ancient Roman city of Pompeii underneath a thick covering of charcoal and volcanic rock.

Considering disaster cinema have such a clever lane record, it’s no warn that a blast has been a centerpiece of a campaign; interestingly, though, a selling has also highlighted a likely-doomed romance, that should boost a interest with women. While Pompeii‘s recover date and rough effects will reason it behind from loyal blockbuster status, it’s probable that this is suddenly clever out of a gate.

3 Days to Kill
stars Kevin Costner in a latest film that’s apparently desirous by Taken: in 3 Days, Costner plays an killer attempting to bond with his daughter, usually to find out that he needs to once again put his special set of skills to use. Costner’s participation is appealing, yet it’s substantially not adequate to save this from a derivative inlet and miss of clever story. The categorical hookCostner’s impression has been poisonedis conspicuously blank from a TV campaign. Outside of a Taken franchise, writer/producer Besson’s cinema typically acquire between $20 and $40 million; it’s satisfactory to design a identical outcome here.

February 28

On a final day of February, Non-Stop goes head-to-head with Son of God and Welcome to Yesterday.

once again pairs Liam Neeson with executive Jaume Collet-Serra; their final movie, Unknown, non-stop on a same weekend in 2011 and warranted a plain $63.7 million. Non-Stop facilities a similarly-twisty tract involving an atmosphere marshall (Neeson) who attempts to find a killer onboard an intercontinental flight. Neeson’s beleaguered movement favourite shtick might be removing a bit aged during this point, yet Non-Stop‘s selling seems clever adequate to fight any tired there. Expect this to open during slightest on standard with Unknown ($21.9 million).

Son of God
is a furious label of a month. The film is a umpteenth instrumentation of a New Testament story detailing a life of Jesus of Nazareth, yet it’s a initial given 2004 mega-hit The Passion of a Christ. What creates this entrance unique, though, is that it’s been pieced together from footage that was already used on final year’s renouned TV array The Bible. Will fans of a uncover spin out to see a same calm on a large screen? Some will, of course, yet accurate numbers are tough to gauge.

With a found footage style, Welcome to Yesterday calls to mind 2012’s Chronicleinstead of superheroes, though, Welcome to Yesterday‘s concentration is on time travel. Unfortunately, a movie’s selling so distant doesn’t mount out a approach it did for Chronicle. It’s also nearing during a time when found footage seems to be fading: a Paranormal Activity authorization strike a new low with The Marked Ones, and Devil’s Due hardly registered. With so many other options in a market, it’s doubtful this gets most traction.

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