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June 3, 2014 - box office


On Thursday May 29, WTVM perceived intolerable video of
a Valley military follow that finished in a horrific crash.

Law coercion leaders
say it’s a blessing nobody was killed or harm as a think led them on a 20
minute high speed chase, all while smiling and fluttering out a window.

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News Leader 9’s Elizabeth
White has a story.

“It all happened so fast,
last thing we remember he was streamer true for us and we was like oh my gosh,”
said 16-year-old Jared Hinkle, who was filming in a newcomer chair of the
police car.    

This extraordinary video shows
the violent, head-on collision that abruptly ends a high speed military follow Wednesday

Jared’s father is a deputy
with Chambers County, and a teen skeleton to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Jared is in The Boy Scout
Explorer program, where youths 14 to 21 do float along with law coercion to
learn about a job.

“Dispatch told us
Valley military was in office of a white PT cruiser that was on Highway 29,”
Jared explained.

Police contend 23-year-old
Kori Stanford disregarded a insurance from abuse sequence when he visited his
ex-girlfriend during her job. When Valley PD attempted to make a trade stop, Stanford
kept going.

“The follow lasted a good
15 to 20 mins and he accelerated to about 80 miles an hour on Highway 29,”
said Chief Tommy Weldon with a Valley Police Department.

Police contend Stanford hit
several vehicles, gathering by yards, ran stop signs and red lights… all
while smiling and waving.

“During a follow the
suspect was fluttering during people on a alley and dancing in a car, not sure
the mental state there was,” pronounced Major Mike Parrish with a Chambers County
Sheriff’s Office.

Finally, military cornered
him in a West Point Housing Project, though Stanford kept driving. In an instant,
Jared found himself face to face with a think on a run.

“As a car was coming
towards us we was shocked as to what was about to happen, though my adrenaline
was pumping and everybody was okay, and we got out an’ called my father and everyone
was only fine,” Jared said.

Police contend Stanford
resisted detain after a pile-up and had to be tazed to be handcuffed.

“It was a tough impact,” Jared

As for Jared, he’s just
fine and his intolerable dungeon phone video will be used as justification in Stanford’s
criminal trial. It’s another partial of a office Jared is vehement to learn about.

“You never know what a subsequent call will be or what we will
experience, it’s always going to be a surprise, though this is what we wish to do,
this is what we have a passion to do, to strengthen folks in this village and
help out,” Jared said.

Stanford faces numerous
charges, including attempting to elude, forward endangerment and other traffic

He also has outstanding
warrants for domestic attack in Lanett and transgression aggravated attack in West

Meanwhile, Jared says the
deputy he was roving with is his best crony and says before he got out of the
car to assistance with a detain he done certain a teen was okay.

Jared says a experience
only strengthens his enterprise to strengthen and offer others.

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