Deep ice causes rough float on area roads

March 30, 2014 - box office

MARINETTE COUNTY – This winter has been generally tough on area roadways.

And it could still get worse.

Underground ice in some areas is still about 5 feet thick, and as it melts it is causing bumps, dips and potholes on a roadways.

On US Highway 141 nearby Coleman, drivers contend it’s severe going.

“I’m not used to it. So we mean, when it initial happened, we was like, this isn’t good,” pronounced Tiffany Nosgovitz, Coleman.

Traffic has been bouncing along in a area for about a week.

“It’s noted and everything, though we still strike that bump, where it says bump, and you’re awaiting a small bump, though it’s whoa! You unequivocally go down,” pronounced Harold Dohl, Coleman.

The Department of Transportation says a continue to blame.

“We’re removing enlargement during a distant deeper turn than we did in a past. So there’s some-more vigour entrance adult on a roads. So a roads are heaving some-more than they have in other winters,” pronounced Kim Rudat, Department of Transportation Spokesperson.

And it’s only not an emanate on a highways. Many streets in a city of Green Bay are display signs of a prolonged cold winter.

Potholes are popping adult all over a city.

“We approaching this was going to be a bad year for potholes. Just given a volume of ice we had. The extended durations of cold that gathering a ice deeper,” pronounced Steve Grenier, Green Bay Public Works Director.

Public Works executive Steve Grenier says stormy conditions and cold nights won’t help.

“That’s ideal pothole weather,” pronounced Grenier.

The DOT says it will guard a difficulty spots, though there isn’t most crews can do.

“With these heaves, we could try to indent them down, to make them some-more smooth, though afterwards what happens when a continue warms and a highway settles behind down. Then we have a drop where we had a heave,” pronounced Rudat.

Meanwhile, drivers continue to strike along, until a dips and heaves….leave.

“I’ve been seeking people and they contend it will only conduct to repair itself. we didn’t know how much, we theory we’ll find out,” pronounced Nosgovitz.

Public Works Officials contend a pothole deteriorate is only removing started. It could be a finish of May, before it’s all over.

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