Day 4: A Sunday Bike Ride Along Kenai Beach Bluffs

May 8, 2014 - box office


Just northwest of a Kenai Beach parking lot a metropolitan park route can be found. Traveling north by northwest along a route provides explorers a tiny ambience of Kenai’s internal vistas.

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A brew of residential zones, beachside precipice views and severe and murky trails, this route isn’t noted with any apparent name. It did yield for an active, different bike float on a transparent Sunday afternoon in Kenai.

The route went copiousness serve than this supplement chose to go, though it didn’t seem to be new for all sorts of tire outlines and footprints clearly manifest along a ride.

The float starts off on an ascending toward a campground. With a discerning float down Toyon Way, a route picks adult where a highway ends, and only like that a long, slight route opens up, hugging a cliff-side Kenai Beach view.

Mount Redoubt was hardly manifest by wispy clouds distant off in a distance. Closer to Kenai, a transparent skies supposing a good perspective of a Cook Inlet.

The ride’s categorical plea (if it can be called one) was a roughness of a terrain. Beyond that this clearly unnamed route supposing copiousness of good spots to lift off to a side and suffer a fantastic perspective as good as some good beds of brief weed and fever to revel.

Again, this route kept going prolonged over this rider’s reach, and roving it again with some-more time, it’d be good to spend some-more time exploring.

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