‘Dawn of a Planet of a Apes’ Rules Again This Weekend

July 24, 2014 - box office

by Ray Subers
Dawn of a Planet of a Apes 

 July 20, 2014

On clever word-of-mouth, Dawn of a Planet of a Apes reason a tip symbol for a second weekend in a row. Among a new releases, The Purge: Anarchy put adult plain business in second place, while Planes: Fire Rescue missed a symbol and Sex Tape flopped.

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The Top 12 warranted $134.9 million this weekend. That’s off 26 percent from a same support final year; overall, Jul box bureau is down over 30 percent year-to-year.

Dawn of a Planet of a Apes
eased 50 percent to $36.3 million. In comparison, a other vital Summer sequelsThe Amazing Spider-Man 2, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Transformers: Age of Extinctionall fell during slightest 61 percent during a same point. That dump is also roughly on standard with Rise of a Planet of a Apes (49 percent).

That clever reason can be attributed to certain reviews and word-of-mouth, and unimpressive foe from this weekend’s newcomers. Overall, a Apes supplement has warranted $139.2 million, and could breeze adult over $230 million by a finish of a run.

The Purge: Anarchy
non-stop in second place with $29.8 million, that is down 13 percent from a initial Purge‘s $34.1 million debut. That’s indeed an considerable influence rate, given a fact that a initial film burnt out fast on terrible word-of-mouth. Chalk this adult to a clever selling bid from Universal that betrothed The Purge: Anarchy would indeed try what it’s like to be stranded outward during a riotous 12-hour duration famous as “The Purge.”

According to Universal, a movie’s assembly was 52 womanlike and 61 percent underneath a age of 25. They gave it a plain “B” CinemaScore, that is a vital step adult from a final movie’s “C” score. Ultimately, The Purge: Anarchy could surpass a initial movie’s $64.5 million total.

Planes: Fire Rescue
took third place with $17.5 million. That’s off 21 percent from a initial Planes, that non-stop to $22 million final August. It’s also reduce than Turbo‘s $21.3 million start on a same weekend final year (and that was after blazing off direct on Wednesday and Thursday).

Drafting off a immensely renouned Cars franchise, a initial Planes did excellent business final year. Less than a year later, Fire Rescue felt reduction like a film set within a universe of Cars and some-more like a direct-to-DVD spin-off (which is what a initial Planes was ostensible to be). The movie’s unsatisfactory opening is still rather surprising, though, given a miss of uninformed calm for family audiences: as has mostly been a box this Summer, this outcome reinforces a idea that stuffing a share (in this case, family-friendly entertainment) isn’t adequate to pledge attendance.

A whopping 42 percent of a movie’s assembly was 12 years of age and under. With an “A” CinemaScore and 0 foe for this assembly for a residue of a Summer, design Fire Rescue to tighten with around $70 million.

Sex Tape
limped in to fourth place this weekend with a diseased $14.6 million. That’s over $10 million reduce than Cameron Diaz‘s The Other Woman ($24.8 million), and is reduction than half of Bad Teacher‘s $31.6 million debut. Compared to Summer 2014 comedies, it also looks flattering poor: it debuted reduce than A Million Ways to Die in a West ($16.8 million), and usually a bit aloft than Adam Sandler‘s Blended ($14.3 million).

The film had likeable leads and a plain premise, though advertisements lacked a kind of amusement that’s indispensable to open an R-rated comedy. It substantially also fell plant to some truly deplorable reviews (around 20 percent on Rotten Tomatoes). With bad word-of-mouth (“C+” CinemaScore), Sex Tape is going to tumble off quickly, and it could breeze adult earning reduction than $45 million total.

Transformers: Age of Extinction
dull out a Top Five with $9.8 million, that is off only 40 percent from final weekend. To date, a fourth installment in a authorization has warranted $227 million, and will turn a biggest film of a Summer in a matter of days. Overall, Transformers stays on lane for around $250 million total.

Richard Linklater‘s Boyhood stretched to 33 theaters and warranted $1.17 million this weekend. That translates to a illusory $34,418 per-theater average. Distributor IFC Films skeleton to enhance a critically-acclaimed film in to during slightest 40 some-more theaters subsequent weekend.

Political thriller Persecuted non-stop in 736 theaters, though couldn’t moment $1 million. Meanwhile, Zach Braff‘s Wish we Was Here got off to a delayed start with $484,401 from 68 theaters. The writer/director/star’s follow-up to Garden State will enhance to around 600 theaters subsequent weekend.

Around-the-World Roundup

For a fourth weekend in a row, Transformers: Age of Extinction ruled a unfamiliar box office. The general prodigy combined $81.2 million for a new sum of $659.1 million (17th all-time).

Including previews, Age of Extinction non-stop to $16.5 million in Brazil; that’s already some-more than any of a prior installments warranted there via their whole runs. It also scored a biggest entrance of a year in Germany ($11.9 million), and put adult plain numbers in France ($8.8 million) and Italy ($5 million) as well. Meanwhile, it combined $9.6 million in China, that brought a record-breaking sum to $285.7 million.

Transformers: Age of Extinction
has now warranted $886 million worldwide. The film is guaranteed to acquire over $1 billion total, and it could even get there before it expands in to Japan and Spain subsequent month.

Playing in 49 markets, Dawn of a Planet of a Apes warranted $60.5 million this weekend. It non-stop to $14.6 million in a U.K., that is a 47 percent alleviation over a predecessor. Meanwhile, it non-stop to $9.8 million in Russiamore than double Rise‘s debutand $4.6 million in Spain. The film has already warranted $101.5 million overseas, and expands in to another 17 territories (including Mexico and Brazil) subsequent weekend.

How to Train Your Dragon 2
combined $14 million for a new sum of $223.9 million. It reaches Germany and Austria subsequent weekend, and will pass a initial movie’s $277 million sum someday in August.

Planes: Fire Rescue
non-stop in 24 markets and warranted $9 million this weekend. Its biggest markets were Mexico ($1.8 million) and Brazil ($1.5 million).

A few weeks forward of a U.S. release, Step Up: All In non-stop to $8.2 million overseas. It warranted $3.1 million in Russia and $2.1 million in France. The fifth installment in a dance film authorization reaches domestic theaters on Aug 8th.

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