CBS 2 EXCLUSIVE: Cedar Rapids Police Ride Along

May 26, 2014 - box office

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Updated: Sunday, May 25 2014, 09:53 PM CDT
CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28) — Patrol Lieutenant Charlie Fields climbs into his unit car, holding a vast flashlight from his behind slot and dropping it into a hilt between a driver’s chair and a car’s core console.  He shifts into retreat to behind out of his parking mark in a Cedar Rapids Police Department lot. To his right is a laptop cumulative to a car’s dashboard. Below it is his military radio and above it is a dashboard camera that will record all he sees by a windshield.
The camera is only as most for a public’s word as it is for his, and Lt. Fields will use it during slightest twice in a subsequent dual hours.
The laptop allows him to see a camera’s tide and also keep an eye on a several other military cars on a road, and a calls they go to, during a afternoon shift. Lt. Fields is obliged for overseeing all of them. We are holding to a streets with a initial unit of a afternoon, who will be on avocation from 4 until dual in a morning.
When we float with Lt. Fields, it is a Friday of a week where people who live nearby 15th Street Southeast reported gunshots on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Police Chief Wayne Jerman pronounced those days stirred a Police Department Captains to come adult with a new approach to unit a surrounding community. That assembly resulted in some-more unit cars pushing on those streets in a night hours.
Some people who live on those streets contend it creates them feel safer while others contend there are most improved things a military can be doing with their time, like actively questioning a shots dismissed reports, rather than creation trade stops.
“It’s tellurian nature, some people don’t like a police,” says Lt. Fields as he drives nearby a dual travel corners where shots were dismissed only a few days before. “For some people, it calms them down.”
Throughout a afternoon, Lt. Fields waves during people we pass walking on sidewalks and doing work on their homes. Many call back. Some younger children scream a nod as a automobile passes. At other times, only a participation of a unit automobile causes a people who see it to abuse during Lt. Fields.
“Some people aren’t a biggest fans,” he says. “Yet, we can’t get there discerning adequate when they wish us there.”
We are with Lt. Fields to see what it’s like for a military officer to correlate with a open they protect, generally in a arise of so many shots dismissed reports in such a brief volume of time.  He says military officers everywhere conflict a thought that they are “robots.”
“The open perceives us as non-caring and non-feeling,” pronounced Lt. Fields. “That’s a farthest from a truth.”
Lt. Fields points out that a Cedar Rapids Police Department takes partial in village overdo by a “Shop with a Cop” program, where internal children partner with officers to buy gifts around a holidays. He says officers proffer their possess time as people all a time, giving behind to a village when they’re off a clock.
“If we didn’t caring about people, would there be any officers in Cedar Rapids?” asked Lt. Fields.
Officers’ village communication in their personal time competence make some swell in changing open perceptions, though Lt. Fields says what officers do when they’re wearing their uniform can have long-lasting benefits.
“If we build those relations with a community, it creates them some-more gentle when we correlate with them on a some-more critical note,” pronounced Lt. Fields. “If we build that comfort spin before there’s a stressful situation, it creates a pursuit a lot easier.”
One large problem military contend they run into after any incident, either guns were concerned or not, is entertainment information. As most as a dialect competence try, Lt. Fields recognizes that officers can't be everywhere all a time. He says they need witnesses to give information about a people and vehicles involved, that can be tough to come by.
He says infrequently even a victims select not to concur for any one of what could be a handful of reasons.
When asked if that’s given a plant in one occurrence could be a perpetrator in another, Lt. Fields responded, “That could really good be a case.”
Despite new events, Lt. Fields says a area around 15th Street Southeast used to be most worse. He says a lot of factors played a purpose in creation a area nicer, though for a purpose he and a military dialect played, he’s proud.
“As a immature officer we was concerned in some village policing actions that altered some of a things that happened down there. That creates we feel good as a military officer though like we alluded to before, we’re happy when we’re successful during a jobs.”
Just as we were entering a final half hour of a time with Lt. Fields, he was pulling out of an alley when he beheld a automobile parked along a travel that a organisation of 4 males were climbing into. While scarcely all a other interactions via a float had been neutral or positive, this now took on a opposite feel.
As a organisation crossed a travel to get into a car, a male who got into a newcomer chair started yelling during Lt. Fields to stop badgering him. He afterwards went into a glove cell of a automobile and pulled out a registration and word and display Lt. Fields that he was prepared to be pulled over.
As shortly as a automobile turns on and pulls away, Lt. Fields follows, calls for behind adult and when he gets it, pulls a automobile over.
As he gets out of a unit automobile and approaches, he yells for a motorist to spin a automobile off via a whole stop, Lt. Fields and a 4 officers who showed adult to behind him adult kept their eyes sealed on a car. After a few minutes, he motorist is given a warning to get a windshield fixed, and they are authorised to lapse home with no ticket.

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The trade stop is a good instance of a significance of village policing. By carrying an whole organisation of officers who unit a same neighborhoods for during least  a year during during a time, a officers know a energetic of a people who live nearby by.

When removing prepared to lift a automobile over, Lt. Fields gave a outline of a situation, including a car, and mentioned a name of a one of a organisation inside. He pronounced given he and a other military officers on a highway during that time know a man’s personal story in a area and with police, they were discerning to behind him up.

“I asked for one car,” pronounced Lt. Fields about his ask for behind adult for a trade stop. “And we got three.”


CBS 2 EXCLUSIVE: Cedar Rapids Police Ride Along

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