‘Cars’ characters come to life with Piston Cup Junior Ride-Along

June 15, 2014 - box office

Jay Ward’s in-depth believe and adore of cars and motorsports gave him a pretension of “guardian” of a Disney-Pixar “Cars” franchise. 

It was usually wise to have a “Cars” Creative Director assistance move dual of a film’s characters to a genuine world.    

Petty Holdings, LLC and Pixar Animation Studios are bringing Aiken Axler and Sage VanDerSpin to life for a Piston Cup Junior Ride-Along, a new eventuality during a Richard Petty Driving Experience during Walt Disney World Speedway.

Starting this weekend, children ages 6 to 13 will have a eventuality float shotgun with a veteran pushing instructor for 3 laps in one of a dual specially-equipped Piston Cup cars.

The ride-alongs cost $59 and children contingency be during slightest 48 inches high to ride. The specially-designed impression cars come versed with special newcomer seats that safeguard a reserve and confidence of smaller riders.

Ward explained that with all Pixar movies, flawlessness is vital, and that extended to “Cars” with a similarities with NASCAR.  

“We formed Piston Cup on a Winston Cup since we wanted to have that flawlessness in a film and get those sum in there,” Ward said. “When we hear Lightning McQueen’s engine glow in a film, that’s a genuine NASCAR engine. We wanted that fact since we wanted to put we in that world.”

With a Piston Cup Junior Ride-Along, Ward explained, that universe comes to life with a possibility to float in a genuine NASCAR-style competition automobile that looks like one of a “Cars” characters. 

“It’s only so sparkling for us,” Ward said. “It puts flawlessness behind into a automobile universe that looks behind on a film ‘Cars’ and for us it’s only a ideal marriage.”

This weekend outlines a annual Cars Masters Weekend during Downtown Disney during Walt Disney World Resort. 

It was during final year’s eventuality that a thought for a Piston Cup Junior Ride-Along was born, according to Chris Kirby, a Director of Marketing for a Richard Petty Driving Experience. 

“That’s when a Richard Petty Driving Experience group related adult with Jay Ward and a Pixar team,” Kirby said. “We’ve grown a attribute and after that it took about a year building and building a cars, removing a paint intrigue only right for Aiken Axler and Sage VanDerSpin.”

Kirby remarkable that what truly brings a cars to “life” is a paint pursuit and a window wrap, that creates it probable to see a character’s eyes from a exterior. 

“We’re anxious to give children a knowledge of genuine Piston Cup racing here during Walt Disney World Speedway,” Kirby said. 








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