‘Captain’ Three-peats, ‘Heaven’ Rises Over Easter Weekend

April 22, 2014 - box office

by Ray Subers
Captain America: The Winter Soldier 

 April 20, 2014

Among new releases, faith-based play Heaven is for Real broken Johnny Depp‘s Transcendence this weekend. Still, it couldn’t compare Captain America: The Winter Soldier, that hold on to initial place for a third weekend in a row.

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The Marvel supplement combined $25.6 million this weekend, that represents a light 38 percent decline. It reached $200 million on Sunday, and should pass Thor: The Dark World in a subsequent few days.

Playing during 2,417 locations, Heaven is for Real warranted an glorious $22.5 million this weekend. Add in a Wednesday and Thursday grosses, and a faith-based loyal story has already grossed $29.6 million.

Along with Son of God and God’s Not Dead, this is a third faith-based strike in 2014 so distant (you could embody Noah as well, yet that doesn’t simply fit in to this paradigm). The success of these cinema is a sign that Christians paint a outrageous apportionment of a race in a U.S.: according to a Pew Research survey, around 37 percent of Americans attend a weekly eremite service.

Sony targeted their selling towards Christian audiences, and placed an importance on job forward for organisation sheet sales. It doesn’t harm that a book on that a film is formed is utterly popular, and has a story that is both inspirational and faith-affirming (see a title).

The Heaven is for Real assembly was 62 percent womanlike and 51 percent over a age of 35. They awarded it an “A” CinemaScore, that suggests word-of-mouth will be strong. Ultimately, it should breeze adult aloft than Son of God ($60 million).

Rio 2 took third place with $22.2 million. Its 44 percent dump was most steeper than a initial Rio‘s 33 percent dump on a accurate same weekend in 2011. Through 10 days, a charcterised supplement has grossed $75.05 million.

In fourth place, Transcendence inebriated with $10.9 million. That’s a fragment of new Depp cinema like Dark Shadows ($29.7 million) and The Lone Ranger ($29.2 million). It’s also subsequent mythological sci-fi bombs like Stealth ($13.3 million), The Island ($12.4 million) and In Time ($12.1 million).

While it’s extravagantly transparent that Depp’s star energy has faded in new years, a disaster of Transcendence can’t be hung exclusively on his shoulders. Marketing presented some engaging ideas about a destiny of technology, yet was sorely lacking in a story department. It also strangely highlighted executive Wally Pfistera name few would recognizewhile withdrawal executive writer Christopher Nolan out. The spike in a coffin came in a form of quite nasty reviews (20 percent on Rotten Tomatoes).

The movie’s assembly was 56 percent masculine and 56 percent over a age of 25. They didn’t like it most some-more than critics, and it wound adult with a “C+” CinemaScore. Considering a poisonous sourroundings surrounding this film right now, it would be startling if it got past $30 million.

A Haunted House 2
took fifth place with $8.8 million. That’s reduction than half of a initial movie’s $18.1 million debut.

The strange Haunted House was a initial fear travesty in many years, and was means to take a initial digs during a Paranormal Activity franchise. In comparison, A Haunted House 2 is a third fear travesty in a past 15 months, and didn’t seem like it lonesome any new ground. The assembly awarded a film a “B-” CinemaScore, and a high dump from here is likely.

non-stop outward a Top 10 with $4.8 million. That’s a misfortune start nonetheless for a Disneynature movie. It should get a slight boost on Earth Day (Tuesday a 22nd), yet altogether this is a miss.

Around-the-World Roundup

Two weeks forward of a U.S. debut, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 non-stop in 14 unfamiliar markets and warranted an estimated $47 million. According to Sony, it was roughly on standard with a initial Amazing Spider-Man opposite a same bucket of territories.

It took initial place in a U.K. ($15 million), Mexico ($11.1 million), Germany ($6.2 million) and Australia ($5.2 million), and lagged behind a internal strike in Spain ($3.9 million). Next weekend, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 expands in to Italy, Japan, Russia, South Korea and many some-more markets. Ultimately, it needs to during slightest compare a predecessor’s $490 million total.

Rio 2
was indeed a highest-grossing film abroad this weekend with $47.3 million. Its usually new marketplace was Italy, where it non-stop in initial place with $2.36 million. To date, a charcterised supplement has warranted around $200 million.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
combined $35.3 million this weekend. It non-stop to a diseased $2 million in Japan; nothing of these cinema do quite good there, though. In comparison, Captain America‘s tip marketplace is China with $98.4 million. So far, Captain America has warranted $385 million overseas, and should eventually tip Thor: The Dark World ($438 million).

Over Easter weekend, Biblical epic Noah combined $21.6 million overseas. It’s now Paramount’s biggest film ever in Brazil with $22.9 million. Its new sum is $197.4 million.

reached South Korea ($2.2 million) and Brazil ($2.1 million) this weekend. Overall, it warranted $18.1 million for a sum of $75.3 million. It has dual vital markets (Spain and Japan) still to come.

non-stop to $11.4 million in China, that is somewhat aloft than a U.S. haul. While that sounds good, it’s still a bit disappointing: a film perceived a 3D acclimatisation exclusively for China, and Johnny Depp did a press debate there.

The sci-fi thriller also non-stop to $1.1 million in Italy; subsequent weekend, it expands in to Australia, Germany and a U.K.

strike what’s expected to be a final miracle this weekend. The film hold initial place in Japan for a sixth-straight weekend, and has now warranted an implausible $104.1 million there. In a process, it upheld The Lord of a Rings: The Return of a King and Transformers: Dark of a Moon to pierce adult to sixth place on a all-time worldwide chart. It’s also now a highest-grossing charcterised film abroad with $729.3 million.

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