‘Captain America’ Wins Close Fight with ‘Rio 2’ This Weekend

April 15, 2014 - box office

by Ray Subers
Captain America: The Winter Soldier 

 April 13, 2014

In a bizarre spin of events, Rio 2 took initial place during a box bureau on Friday, yet fell behind to second place for a three-day weekend. Chalk this adult to good continue via many of a country, that kept family audiences divided from a multiplexes on Saturday.

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As a result, Captain America: The Winter Soldier was means to narrowly reason on to a tip mark for a second-straight weekend. The superhero supplement total $41.3 million, that was off 57 percent from a debut. That’s about on standard with Iron Man 3 (58 percent) and Thor: The Dark World (57 percent), yet it’s also a bit worse than a movie’s clever reviews and word-of-mouth would suggest.

So far, Captain America: The Winter Soldier has warranted $158.9 million during a domestic box office. If it stays on gait with a Thor and Iron Man sequels, it will finish with during slightest $225 million.

Playing during 3,948 locations, Rio 2 wasn’t distant behind with $39.3 million. That’s radically matching to a initial Rio‘s $39.2 million entrance around a same time in 2011. Among new charcterised movies, it’s noticeably aloft than Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 ($34 million) and Mr. Peabody Sherman ($32.2 million).

The initial Rio was well-liked, and Rio 2‘s selling betrothed some-more of a same extended humor. It also altered a settingthough a Amazon rainforest is arguably reduction engaging than Rio de Janieroand total a few new characters uttered by Kristen Chenoweth, Andy Garcia and Bruno Mars. The film also had a scheduling advantage, as Mr. Peabody Sherman and Muppets Most Wanted are radically played out during this point.

According to distributor 20th Century Fox, a assembly was 57 percent female. Only 31 percent of sheet sales were in 3D, that is unchanging with a new lane record for family movies.

Moviegoers awarded Rio 2 a clever “A” CinemaScore. With a Easter holiday entrance upand yet any critical family foe for a long, prolonged timeRio 2 should reason well. It’s probable that it eventually matches a initial movie’s $143.6 million total.

As expected, Oculus and Draft Day both non-stop modestly. The abnormal fear film took third place with $12 million. That’s roughly on standard with Insidious ($13.3 million) and Mirrors ($11.2 million). It’s not a illusory start, yet it is good adequate for a low-budget festival acquisition.

benefited from a solidly creepy, targeted selling effort, and from above-average reviews. It also helped that it was a initial abnormal fear film in scarcely 3 months.

According to Relativity Media, a assembly was 51 percent womanlike and 52 percent underneath a age of 25. The film perceived a bad “C” CinemaScore, yet that hasn’t been a clever indicator of long-term opening for fear movies. Still, with approach foe from The Quiet Ones in dual weeks, it would be startling if this burst $30 million.

Draft Day
took fourth place with $9.8 million, that is roughly half of Moneyball‘s $19.5 million debut. It’s also a bit reduce than star Kevin Costner‘s new movement film 3 Days to Kill ($12.2 million), and Apr 2008 football film Leatherheads ($12.7 million).

Draft Day
perceived a “B+” CinemaScore. With an assembly that skews older, it should play good in a subsequent few weeks; a sum tighten to $30 million is likely.

In a third weekend, Noah once again took a dive during a domestic box office. Darren Aronofsky‘s Biblical epic plummeted 56 percent to $7.55 million, that brings a 17-day sum to $85 million. If it continues on this trajectory, it could tumble brief of $100 million.

Divergent forsaken 43 percent to $7.4 million (down 42 percent). So far, a young-adult instrumentation has grossed a unequivocally good $124.8 million.

Indonesian movement film The Raid 2 stretched to 954 locations and warranted a diseased $956,672 million. In comparison, a initial Raid grossed $961,454 from 881 theaters in a national expansion. Essentially, direct for this authorization hasn’t unequivocally altered in a past dual years.

Around-the-World Roundup

Rio 2
stretched to 61 general markets and warranted $61.4 million this weekend. Its biggest new marketplace was China, where it grossed $12.1 million (more than double a predecessor). It was also clever in Mexico ($8.7 million) and France ($4.6 million).

Across a board, Rio 2 is opening most aloft than a initial Rio, that suggests it might be means to tip that movie’s $341 million total. So far, Rio 2 has grossed $124.3 million.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
total $60.6 million. Its usually vital new domain was Brazil, where it took initial place with $5.9 million. Captain‘s biggest marketplace so distant is China, where it’s already warranted a conspicuous $80.4 million (more than a subsequent 3 markets combined).

To date, Captain America has grossed $317.7 million overseas, that is some-more than any of a initial 5 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. Worldwide, it blew past Captain America: The First Avenger, and has so distant warranted scarcely $477 million. It reaches a final market, Japan, subsequent weekend.

Playing in 53 markets, Noah cruised to $36.2 million this weekend. It non-stop to $3.9 million in France and $3.7 million in Italy. To date, a film has warranted $162 million overseas.

stretched in to a handful of vital markets and grossed $23.2 million. It achieved solidly in France ($3.4 million), Russia ($3.1 million), Australia ($3.1 million) and Germany ($1.8 million). It has $50.3 million in a bank so far, and still has South Korea, Brazil, Spain and Japan on a way.

This weekend, Frozen upheld Skyfall to pierce adult to eighth place on a all-time worldwide draft with $1.11 billion. It’s now hold initial place for five-straight weeks in Japan, that is now a tip marketplace with an implausible $89 million.

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