Box Office: Ride Along takes uninterrupted win after I, Frankestein flops

January 29, 2014 - box office

ride along ImageThere was zero roving along a strike comedy after I, Frankenstein inebriated on a opening weekend. The movement fear achieved so feeble that it didn’t even make a tip 5.

It was business as common for Ice Cube and Kevin Hart with Ride Along scoring $21.2 million for a second uninterrupted weekend on tip of a box office. Ten days in and a friend comedy has $75.5 million. So how does it transport opposite identical friend patrolman flicks? Well Ride Along is forward of Rush Hour ($64 million during a 10 day mark), The Other Guys ($69.9 million), 21 Jump Street ($70.2 million) or Lethal Weapon 4 ($71.7 million), though behind The Heat ($86.2 million). Of a ones Ride Along is outpacing, 21 Jump Street (the closest) finished adult with $138.4 million. we design some-more or reduction a same final sum for Ride Along. For now a comedy is a tip grossing film of 2014.

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Lone Survivor came in 2nd place once again, this time with $12.9 million, down 41.5%. The fight play has $93.9 million so distant and will pierce past $100 million this week. At a stream rate Lone Survivor is looking during no some-more than $120 million domestically.

The Nut Job was 3rd by default interjection to $12.1 million. That’s $40 million in 10 days for a generally feeble perceived animation. Since it usually cost $42 million to furnish and has nonetheless to open overseas, have to chuck this one in a “will spin a profit” bucket.

Guess that crack changed adult from 5th to 4th place? Frozen in a 9th week in a tip 5, this time with $9.1 million (down 22.5%). In over dual months a latest animation from Disney grossed a record $347.8 million domestically. If we wish to know what that means for Disney and Frozen afterwards do review this.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit rounds out a tip 5 with $9 million and a sum of $30.4 million.

I, Frankenstein non-stop in 6th with a lousy $8.6 million, even reduce afterwards The Legend of Hercules ($8.8 million) dual weeks ago.

In other news The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug upheld a $250 million mark, now during $252.3 million, while The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is adult to $420 million and still climbing.

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