Box Office Results: Ride Along Pulls an Unprecedented Three-Peat

February 6, 2014 - box office

The Box Office Report has been updated with studio estimates for a weekend. Click here for a full box bureau estimates of a tip 12 films and afterwards check behind on Monday for a final sum formed on tangible box office.

Super Bowl weekend can infrequently be delayed given studios aren’t peaceful to recover their tip transport when they know many of a nation is going to be sitting around their radio sets many of Sunday. This year was no different–in fact, it was a flattering gloomy week during a box office–and nonetheless we saw rather of a miracle as Ice Cube and Kevin Hart’s action-comedy Ride Along assimilated an shining bar by winning Super Bowl weekend, giving it 3 weeks during #1. Only about 11 or 12 cinema have remained #1 for 3 weeks given 2010 and they were mostly outrageous cinema like The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises and “The Hunger Games” and “Twilight Saga” movies, and renouned Aug releases like The Help and Lee Daniels’ The Butler.

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Ride Along pulled off that attainment with an estimated weekend take of $12.3 million, bringing a sum to $93 million, that creates it Ice Cube’s highest-grossing film to date, distant leading a 2005 family comedy Are We There Yet?.

Otherwise, usually dual new cinema non-stop in far-reaching release, both regretful cinema targeting opposite age groups of women and both blank their mark.

Tom Gormican’s R-rated attribute comedy That Awkward Moment (Focus Features), starring Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller and Imogen Poots, fared a improved of a two, settling for a third place opening with an estimated $9 million in 2,809 locations or about $3200 average. Not good. As expected, a assembly was mostly womanlike and underneath 25 and even yet that demo substantially would’t have worried reading reviews, they usually weren’t interested. Then again, Focus seems to have estimated it to have a outrageous dump on Sunday, and it competence transport somewhat improved once actuals come in.

Having already grossed over $350 million domestically, Disney’s charcterised strike Frozen non-stop a sing-along chronicle in theaters opposite a country, that valid to be adequate to pierce fans of a film BACK into theaters and permitting it to pierce behind into second place with $9.3 million. Disney reports that $2.2 million of that comes from a sing-along versions, though some-more significantly, it also gave it a good strike so that it was indeed adult 2% from final weekend. So far, it has grossed $360 million domestically and another $504 million abroad for a grand worldwide sum of $864.4 million and it doesn’t demeanour like “Frozen-Mania” is interlude any time soon… unless someone releases an charcterised film set in a universe of LEGOs.

If that wasn’t adequate for Disney’s long-in-development charcterised project, over a weekend it also collected 5 awards during a 41st Annie Awards including a tip prize, Best Animated Feature.

Frozen also changed behind adult past a some-more recently expelled family charcterised film The Nut Job (Open Road), that has finished awfully well, adding another $7.6 million this weekend to a sum sum of $50.2 million.

Fifth place went to Peter Berg’s troops play Lone Survivor (Universal), starring Mark Wahlberg, that combined another $7.2 million to a possess considerable take of $104.9 million, a genuine manoeuvre for Universal, Berg and producer/actor Wahlberg.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (Paramount), starring Chris Pine, took sixth place, holding flattering good notwithstanding a diseased opening, down usually 41% with $5.4 million over a weekend and $39 million grossed over 3 weekends. Unfortunately, a sincerely low prolongation bill of $60 million might usually be receptive abroad during this point.

Nearly 5 months given premiering during a Toronto International Film Festival, Jason Reitman’s fifth underline film, a regretful play Labor Day, formed on Joyce Maynard’s novel and starring Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin, was expelled into 2,584 theaters, substantially approach some-more than it needed, given it usually grossed $5.3 million or $2,000 per site in a opening weekend. Clearly someone forsaken a round on this one, from a self-existent awards debate to a recover pattern–it should have been given a singular recover to build word of mouth–to putting it out on Super Bowl with churned messages marketing. Maybe once they switched to selling a pseudo-thriller as a romance, they should have jumped on Valentine’s Day weekend notwithstanding it already being crowded. Who knows? But it positively seems like this could have been expelled in Sep or Oct and finished better.

David O. Russell’s garb hop comedy American Hustle (Sony) continues to do well. In fact, it’s now a highest-grossing film of Russell’s career interjection to a $133.6 million domestic sum of that $4.3 million was combined this weekend in 2,216 theaters. Oscar night is a month away, so we’ll see how most some-more business it does before then, though Russell is really sitting flattering with his third vital blurb strike in a row.

Last week, Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street (Paramount), starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill, became usually a filmmaker’s fourth film to cranky a $100 million mark. It took ninth place this weekend with $3.5 million and $104 million warranted to date.

After a diseased opening, a action-thriller I, Frankenstein (Lionsgate), starring Aaron Eckhart, plummeted to 10th place with $3.5 million, down 59% from a opening. It has grossed $14.5 million in a initial 10 days. Yeah, no authorization here.

The Top 10 grossed an estimated $67.5 million, that is flattering bad, nonetheless it’s indeed improved than final year’s Super Bowl weekend when Warm Bodies was #1 with $20.3 million and Sylvester Stallone’s Bullet to a Head inebriated with usually $4.5 million.

Although a MGM Pictures reconstitute of RoboCop won’t be expelled in North America until Feb 12, it was expelled in Malaysia, Taiwan and Singapore this weekend where it warranted $5.5 million, commanding all 3 markets.

As distant as singular releases, Penn and Teller’s acclaimed doc Tim’s Vermeer (Sony Pictures Classics) non-stop in 4 theaters in New York and L.A, bringing in $58 thousand or $14.5 thousand per screen.

Click here for a full box bureau estimates of a tip 12 films.

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