Bicycle convene hopes to uncover riders, drivers can share a road

June 5, 2014 - box office

SAN ANTONIO — A organisation of 40 to 50 bicyclists met during La Tuna Grill on a South Side on Wednesday to float in a bicycle line that won’t exist for most longer.

The cyclists shaped what Monica Walker and Jaime Santillan called a “solidarity ride” south on South Flores Street before reversing a other instruction toward downtown San Antonio.

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Walker and Santillan orderly a float after a new City Council opinion to reroute a bike line divided from South Flores.

The city put scarcely $1 million into a bike track in Apr 2013, though final week a City Council voted 10-1 to discharge and reroute a lanes, that city officials pronounced will cost $740,000.

About 90 mins later, Santillan and Walker’s organisation shaped a sequence in that same lane.

“Monica done a eventuality on Facebook and invited everyone,” Santillan said.

So Santillan, Walker and a others met during La Tuna Grill before streamer down South Flores.

Some cyclists rode side-by-side, forcing cars to delayed down.

Some of a riders were locals, including David Vega, who mostly rides to work. Vega runs Tex-Cap, a store behind a Shell gas hire nearby South Flores and Southeast Military Drive. This is where trade customarily builds adult around 4 or 5 p.m.

Some riders were from other tools of San Antonio and came to support a bike lane. Jeff Chattin, who is Jamis Bicycles’ domain manager for Texas, even gathering down from Austin usually for a ride. No one in a organisation was in a precipitate — they mostly usually enjoyed a bike line before it goes away.

Roland Ramirez owns Rudy’s Seafood, a integrate of miles north of Military on South Flores. Ramirez pronounced he hasn’t seen any affects on his business, though some business have complained that given South Flores is usually one line on any side, it can take longer to spin into his parking lot.

“I consider a problem people had is that a city never told them what was happening,” Ramirez said. “They worked excellent with me, though all of a remarkable there was a bike line and usually one line on any side of a highway instead of two.”

Several cyclists pronounced a owners of La Fiesta, a grocery store on South Flores, has been really outspoken about expelling a bike lanes. The owners was not in Wednesday evening, though a La Fiesta worker mentioned that many business protest about a bike lanes.

The bike lanes on South Flores will go away, though a riders won’t, some on a float said.

Vega, 62, has lived on a South Side his whole life, and he pronounced he’ll keep roving his bike to work often, bike line or not. There was no bike line when he was 12-years-old and rode his bike adult and down South Flores throwing out newspapers. He won’t stop now, he said.

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