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July 17, 2014 - box office

by Ray Subers
Dawn of a Planet of a Apes 

 July 13, 2014

With clever reviews and goodwill from a well-liked predecessor, Dawn of a Planet of a Apes simply ruled a domestic box bureau this weekend.

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Overall, though, it was another delayed weekend during U.S. film theaters: a Top 12 warranted $138.6 million, that is down 26 percent from a same weekend final year.

Debuting during 3,967 theaters, Dawn of a Planet of a Apes warranted $72.6 million this weekend. That’s a 33 percent alleviation over a final movie’s $54.8 million opening, and is also noticeably aloft than final Summer’s World War Z ($66.4 million). Of course, it’s approach off from a $90-million turn that some other Summer cinema have reached, yet a Apes code is apparently not as renouned as Transformers, Spider-Man or X-Men.

The movie’s clever entrance can be attributed to a few factors. First, 2011’s Rise of a Planet of a Apes was well-received by moviegoers, and has connected with many some-more during a post-theatrical run. That film finished in such a approach that viewers were indeed vehement about what might occur next, and a supplement seemed to pull a story brazen in an intriguing direction.

While Dawn defended a pivotal part from Rise‘s success (Caesar), it also kept things uninformed with a darker tinge and a new collection of tellurian characters. Add in illusory reviews (above 90 percent on Rotten Tomatoes) and Dawn was well-positioned to mangle out.

According to distributor 20th Century Fox, a Dawn of a Planet of a Apes assembly lopsided masculine (58 percent) and comparison (55 percent over a age of 25). Roughly 36 percent of a weekend transport came from 3D sheet sales.

With clever reviews and good word-of-mouth (“A-” CinemaScore), Dawn should reason adult good over a subsequent few weeks. It will roughly positively acquire over $200 million, and could get as high as $240 million.

Facing tough foe from Apes, Tranformers: Age of Extinction fell 56 percent to $16.3 million. Through 17 days, a fourth installment in a Transformers authorization has warranted $208.8 million; it’s now on lane to tighten subsequent $255 million.

In a second weekend, Tammy dipped 42 percent to $12.6 million. The Melissa McCarthy comedy has now grossed $57 million, and is on lane for during slightest $80 million total.

22 Jump Street
eased 34 percent to $6.5 million. To date, a comedy supplement has warranted a illusory $171.8 million.

How to Train Your Dragon 2
dull out a Top Five with $6.1 million (down 32 percent). The DreamWorks animation supplement has grossed $152.3 million total.

Begin Again
stretched to 939 locations and warranted a plain $2.82 million. The John Carney comedy has taken in $5.2 million sum so far.

Dinesh D’Souza’s America (2014) had a illusory reason this weekend. The documentary eased 13 percent to $2.45million; to date, a warranted $8.2 million.

Richard Linklater‘s Boyhood non-stop during 5 theaters this weekend and warranted $387,618. That translates to a clever $77,524 per-theater average, that ranks second this year behind The Grand Budapest Hotel. The film has perceived unanimously certain reviews, and should continue putting adult plain numbers as it expands over a subsequent few weeks.

Around-the-World Roundup

Thanks to another well-developed weekend during a abroad box office, Transformers: Age of Extinction is now a highest-grossing film of a year with $753 million worldwide.

The fourth installment in a Transformers authorization combined $102 million abroad for a new sum of $543.5 million. Including previews, it non-stop to $20.4 million in a U.K. and $16.2 million in Mexico. Meanwhile, it fell 52 percent to $25 million in China, that brings a record-breaking sum to $262.6 million.

The film still has Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Japan on a way; Transformers: Dark of a Moon warranted over $160 million opposite those markets. It’s a foregone end that Age of Extinction winds adult over $1 billion, and it could even get past $1.1 billion.

Playing in 62 markets, How to Train Your Dragon 2 combined $34.4 million this weekend. In a U.K., it non-stop to a really clever $15.9 million. To date, a charcterised supplement has warranted $197.5 million.

Dawn of a Planet of a Apes
non-stop in South Korea, Australia and a handful of smaller markets and warranted $30.4 million this weekend. In Korea, a $11.4 million entrance was over twice as high as a initial movie’s opening. In Australia, it non-stop to $6.6 million (up 30 percent from Rise). It also showed vital improvements over Rise in a rest of a markets, that suggests that Dawn is staid to significantly out-gross that movie’s $305 million.

Next weekend, Dawn expands in to a U.K., Russia and Spain.

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