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If we go

Metolius Loops Scenic Bikeway

General area: Camp Sherman (near Sisters, usually opposite a Santiam Pass and about dual hours and 15 mins from Salem)

Fees: None

Trail distances: 29.5 sum miles on a Allingham Loop (3.3 miles), Camp Sherman Loop (4.9), River Loop (6.7) and Lower Bridge Spur (14.6).

Base camp: All rides start and finish during Camp Sherman Store

Difficulty: Easy to tolerably difficult

Small automobile access: Yes

Seasons: Spring to fall

Place to stay: There are countless campsites along a Metolius River along with lodges and cabins for lease (

Kid friendly? Yes, yet make certain they wear helmets

Maps online

Oregon State Parks (—loops—map.pdf) and Ride Oregon (

Maps in person

Maps of all a Oregon Scenic Bikeways, including a Metolius Loops, can be found during many Salem bike shops including Santiam Bicycle in downtown Salem (388 Commercial St.). Maps also can be found during a Camp Sherman Store and a Sisters Ranger District Office.


Camp Sherman Store: (541) 595-6711; Sisters Ranger District Office, (541) 549-7700; Oregon State Parks, alex.phillips(at)

More biking options

Camp Sherman area has countless biking routes and mountain-biking trails. A good place to get started is a Sisters Trail Alliance:

CAMP SHERMAN — Gary Guttormsen has listened a doubt some-more than once.

The authority of a Sisters Trail Alliance mostly fields questions from people seeking an superb bike float with options easy adequate for children.

And his suggestion, some-more mostly than not, is a Metolius River Loops Scenic Bikeway.

“It’s a flattering easy representation and a place we move my grandkids all a time,” Guttormsen said. “What’s unequivocally singular about a Metolius — on tip of a view — is that it’s good for both consultant bikers and children. There are options for everybody.”

Those options embody 4 companion loops, that follow paved timberland roads along Central Oregon’s fascinated stream as it emerges from purgation springs and rolls dim blue by a dry eastern Cascades forest.

The loops sum 29.5 miles and embody a Allingham Loop (3.3 miles), Camp Sherman Loop (4.9), River Loop (6.7) and Lower Bridge Spur (14.6).

Each float starts and ends during Camp Sherman Store — a basecamp with sandwiches, drinks and maps — and traverses burnt-orange ponderosa forest, pacific spots on a stream and views of a Cascades that play peek-a-boo by a trees.

The float works as a day-trip by waking adult early, bringing a cruise and streamer behind home or as a multiday journey that takes advantage of a area’s campsites, lodges and cabins.

“For a many part, a loops follow low-speed roads that don’t have many trade volume,” Guttormsen said. “There’s a good volume of space along a shoulders and lots of campsites and places for families to stop and rest.”

The track was designated a scenic bikeway by a Oregon State Parks Department in Sep of 2011, no tiny respect deliberation usually 10 other routes in a state have perceived a designation.

“We set a bar really high,” pronounced Alexandra Phillips, bicycle distraction coordinator during a Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. “The scenic value has to be there over a whole track — no drab stretches or frame malls. The highway conditions also need to be good. with a vast adequate shoulders and few cars.

“The rides are a best of a best. We’ve incited down over 800 miles that didn’t make a cut.”

The Metolius Loops fits a criteria with a few caveats. Traffic on dual of a categorical roads (Forest Service highway 14 and 1419) does get sincerely bustling on summer weekends. The other downside is that signs imprinting a loops haven’t been placed nonetheless and but a map, a routes can get confusing. (See If we go info box for places to find maps).

Those are tiny complaints, though. The Metolius River Loops is a bikeway that offers cruise spots and campsites along a transparent clear river, winds next outrageous ponderosa pines and offers as many (or as few) miles as a chairman cares to travel.

“It’s such a flattering ride,” Guttormsen said. “The stream is beautiful, a cars expostulate solemnly and a kids usually adore it.”• Allingham Loop (easy, 3.3 miles)

The easiest among a 4 loops, a Allingham Loop, is named for a overpass and campground along a really flattering symbol of a stream that outlines a prominence of a ride.

From a Camp Sherman Store, a track follows Forest Service highway 1419 (the highway we gathering in on), swings right on Forest Service highway 1420 and swoops downhill on Forest Road 1217 to a overpass and river. The float behind toward Camp Sherman along Forest Service highway 900 has glorious stream views.

Vehicle trade is really low, and a float is wholly prosaic solely for a downhill detonate to a bridge.

• Camp Sherman Loop (4.9 miles, easy to moderate)

Wonderful views of a Metolius River and occasional glimpses of a Cascade peaks prominence this somewhat worse route.

The float starts by streamer north adult Forest Road 14 for 2.4 miles before overhanging left and looping behind to Camp Sherman on Forest Road 900. There’s a bit some-more trade on Forest Road 14, and a best views are found along Forest Road 900.

• River Loop (6.7 miles, moderate)

A stream emerges roughly entirely shaped from a large open next Black Butte during one of Oregon’s many iconic spots, a Head of a Metolius Visitors Area.

This loop allows bike riders to stop and peep during this scenic consternation on a float that includes a few climbs and a bit of traffic.

The track starts by streamer south of Forest Service highway 14. At a two-mile symbol is a turnoff for a Head of a Metolius — before returning on Forest Service highway 1419 by Camp Sherman’s ancestral buildings.

• Lower Bridge Spur (14.6, assuage to difficult)

The longest track of a four, a Lower Bridge Spur, facilities all a views of a Metolius with additional stops during Wizard Falls Bridge and Lower Bridge Campground.

The track is an elongated chronicle of a Camp Sherman Loop and offers a best representation of what a Metolius River Area offers. It follows Forest Service highway 14 north for some-more than 7 miles before doubling behind and picking adult Forest Service highway 900 for a lapse trip. There are good views and campgrounds along a approach to stop for lunch.

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