A ride-along with DOT enforcement

June 26, 2014 - box office

It was a grey, cloudy day final week as Mark Pitlick of Kalona began his patrolling of state highways. A engine automobile coercion officer with a Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT), he remarkable that on a unchanging day a approaching is customarily a unexpected.

The initial stop of a day on Highway 218 nearby Riverside is a smashed work lorry for a construction company. It has Wapello County plates, nonetheless a engineer is a proprietor of Florida – and a newcomer is wanted on an superb $500 bond from Burlington.

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An IDOT coercion officer receives a same training and has a same responsibilities as other law coercion officers – and more. With executive duties that embody enforcing weight restrictions and verifying correct paperwork, chartering and protected apparatus – an IDOT officer does not need illusive means to stop a blurb vehicle. That comes with a clearly unconstrained series of codes and standards, both state and federal. Only by referring to his laptop mechanism or a thick folder he keeps in a backseat can he keep lane of a countless regulations.

A radio response to Pitlick’s check of a passenger’s driver’s permit reveals he is wanted for a several-year-old open intoxication charge. But along with that information comes a several-number formula that stands for “may be armed and with a bent to be violent.” The use of a formula is a reserve magnitude when an officer competence be in a dangerous situation.

Pitlick relates to a lorry newcomer that along with a fibre of arrests on his record, he is deliberate as carrying a intensity to being armed and violent. The newcomer strongly denies a description, yet he does acknowledge to carrying once been arrested in Cedar Rapids for a quarrel in a motel.

As a dual are talking, a state section automobile pulls in behind Pitlick. The guard listened a radio warning and has stopped to see if assistance is needed. Pitlick walks behind to a section automobile and explains all is underneath control.

The lorry newcomer is lucky. Because a bond is usually for $500 and a assign a misdemeanor, a aver usually calls for him to be apprehended and eliminated to Burlington from a surrounding counties of Des Moines County, that would be Louisa, Henry and Lee counties. There will be no extradition from Washington County.

With a lorry usually being used within a state and hauling usually for a owner, a DOT series is not required. The DOT series it does have is purebred to a association in Texas. The engineer explains it was on a lorry when he bought it during an auction. Pitlick tells him it needs to be removed.

It is now raining too heavily to safely lift over vehicles since of a bad visibility. Pitlick explains he also considers bad prominence when on hilly and circuitous sections of highway, watchful for true sections of highway before putting on his lights and siren.

As a DOT law coercion officer, Pitlick responds to requests of assist from other law coercion agencies, once including a call involving a engineer roving 106 miles per hour. Otherwise Pitlick patrols alone, covering an area from Interstate 80 to a Missouri border.

“It’s a opposite beast,” he says of I-80. As a vital highway opposite a core of a United States, I-80 sees any bootleg activity from transporting undocumented immigrants to drug running. Along with photos of shop-worn semi-truck root springs and other dangerous constructional problems he displays on his laptop, there are countless photos of confiscated guns that were not protected or were in possession of felons. One print shows a half dozen firearms, from pistols to rifles, confiscated during a stop on I-80.

 “There are so many exemptions for in-state contra out-of-state,” a IDOT officer adds about most of a trade he sees on I-80. “There are a lot of lie sheets concerned when enforcing both sovereign and state codes.”

Tickets and warnings are no longer created on paper. The IDOT coercion officer keyboards a information into his laptop; a forms after rising from a printer. Along with his radio scanner, Pitlick calls his specifically versed section automobile his bureau – though an bureau that also includes an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.

Pitlick sees a likeness between his “office” and a trucker’s “house,” – those vast semi-truck cabs that embody all from flat-screens and bunks to refrigerators and microwaves. Knowing that a trucker can be pushing 11 hours a day in a cab, Pitlick said, he tries to keep this in mind when interlude a driver.

“Ninety percent have good attitudes,” Pitlick says of his checks. “It’s ‘yes sir, no sir,’ they speak about a continue or deer hunting.”

The other 10 percent, he observes, can be difficulty – generally when they engage “alcohol, drugs, guns or pushing two-days true though sleep.” He remembers one sleep-deprived engineer indeed descending defunct during questioning.

The IDOT engine automobile coercion multiplication includes some-more than usually officers such as Pitlick. It has drug approval experts, a section that deals with dangerous materials and escorts for oversized shipments. The IDOT investigators understanding in all from odometer and deliver rascal to coercion of play regulations.

Pitlick’s duties also go over law enforcement. He offers roadside assistance to stranded motorists and aids in emergencies such as flood- and storm-damaged communities.

As for trade stops, Pitlick records that he averages about 6 or 7 a day, with any trimming from 30 to 60 minutes. The longer stops understanding with some-more in-depth inspections of a undercarriage, brakes, exhaust, cessation and tires. Major infractions and law violations, Pitlick added, also means vital paperwork for himself.

The following 5 stops that morning outcome in several warnings and citations, as good as acknowledgements that some drivers and vehicles are in correspondence with all state and sovereign regulations.

An prehistoric orange plaque on a permit image is reason to stop a semi-truck stock trailer. Though a image had been renewed and a new plaque usually blown divided by a energy washer, a driver, who farms with a hermit and father, is not as lucky.

Farm vehicles and drivers are free from many trade regulations. For a blurb use, a immature rancher needs a blurb permit to expostulate a vast rig. As a plantation user transporting his possess hogs to market, usually a chauffeur’s permit is required. Unfortunately, a engineer has usually a unchanging driver’s permit and receives a sheet that can outcome in a $330 fine.

Pitlick could have systematic a engineer to leave a lorry for a scrupulously protected engineer to finish a trip. But being usually a half-dozen miles from a farm, a IDOT officer chaperoned a semi-truck a rest of a approach home.

A really extensive flatbed semi-trailer carrying logs is stopped. What has held Pitlick’s eye are a logs extending from a back. A check shows them to be several inches within a authorised 4 feet before red flags are needed. Scales placed underneath a front trailer tires uncover a bucket to be 900 pounds over a limit, though on a bucket that large, not adequate to call for a citation.

Next comes inspecting a securing straps. Pitlick refers to  “commodity specific” regulations for shipping– in this box logs. There are also load securement regulations for steel coils, dejected vehicles, dressed lumber and even boulders.

“It looks like we are doing all right,” Pitlick tells a driver.

A hurl by a stop pointer on Highway 1 nearby Washington formula in a dump lorry being pulled over. Along with a reference for disaster to come to a finish stop ($195) is a warning about shop-worn springs. The engineer is told to take a lorry true to a emporium and not expostulate it again until repairs have been made.

Pitlick grew adult on a plantation nearby Oxford and had a accumulation of jobs, including construction, tree use and lorry driving, before removing his criminology grade from Upper Iowa University and requesting to be a state law coercion official. He graduated from a 36th Basic DPS (Department of Public Safety) Academy during a Camp Dodge troops trickery located in Johnston.

Pitlick says he can see himself staying in his pursuit for sometime.

“There is something always different,” he observed.

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