80s Remakes Battle Over President’s Day Weekend

February 14, 2014 - box office

by Ray Subers

 February 13, 2014

Over President’s Day weekend, The LEGO Movie should reason on to initial place forward of 3 80s remakes. With a clever Valentine’s Day appeal, About Last Night will expected be a strongest of a newcomers, while Robocop will have a tough time bouncing behind from a bad Wednesday opening.

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With a East Coast buried underneath a nasty sirocco on Wednesday and Thursday, there will be a lot of speak about a weather’s outcome on a box office. While some people will fundamentally stay divided from theaters, a total impact is mostly overstated: comparing week-over-week drops during identical events suggests a 10-to-12 percent dump in box bureau is a worst-case scenario.

The RoboCop reconstitute got a burst on a foe by opening during 3,372 locations on Wednesday. This is Sony/Columbia’s second reconstitute of a Paul Verhoeven sci-fi moviethe initial was 2012’s Total Recall, that non-stop to $25.6 million on a approach to a unsatisfactory $58.9 million.

For RoboCop, Sony has finished a improved pursuit explaining a grounds (“We’re going to put a male inside a machine”) and creation a story applicable to complicated audiences (drone surveillance, in particular, has been prominently featured). As with Total Recall, though, there were a few choices done that alienated fans of a original. While a tinge of Robocop’s fit sparked some controversy, a genuine emanate with fans is a rating: a strange is scandalous for a over-the-top violence, that won’t be replicated in a PG-13 remake.

Still, RoboCop seemed appealing adequate to attract identical numbers to Total Recall. Ahead of a weekend, Sony was awaiting a six-day start of during slightest $35 million, that would be in line with final February’s A Good Day to Die Hard ($36.7 million five-day). Unfortunately, RoboCop usually warranted $2.8 million on Wednesday. Based on this figure, a doubtful RoboCop earns some-more than $25 million by a finish of a prolonged weekend.

Sony will still have a highest-grossing new recover this weekend, yet it’s entrance from Screen Gems, not Columbia. Opening during 2,253 locations, a About Last Night reconstitute seems to have a recipe for Valentine’s Day success. Featuring dual couples exploring attribute issues in humorous ways, a film will be a go-to date night choice. It doesn’t harm that selling prominently facilities Kevin Hart, who is positively a box bureau pull following a success of final month’s Ride Along.

With a identical tinge and a few of a same expel members, About Last Night is suggestive of 2012 Screen Gems film Think Like a Man. That non-stop to $33.6 million on a approach to $91.5 million; a identical outcome wouldn’t be startling for About Last Night. Sony is some-more modestly presaging mid-$20 millions for a four-day frame.

At 2,893 locations, a Endless Love reconstitute is directed during a same immature womanlike assembly that rushed out to see The Vow and Safe Haven on Valentine’s Day in 2012 and 2013. This has a right tone, yet it’s blank a star power: The Vow had Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams, while Safe Haven was propped adult by a Nicholas Sparks brand. Ads for Endless Love indicate out that Alex Pettyfer was in Magic Mike, yet in that film he was overshadowed by Tatum and Matthew McConaughey. Meanwhile, his womanlike co-star, Gabriella Wilde, is radically a newcomer.

Still, there is really an assembly for Endless Love. Last year, Safe Haven warranted $33.3 million in a initial 5 days; Endless Love could pretty acquire half as most over a four-day weekend. Universal is now awaiting around $10 million.

Opening during 2,965 theaters, Winter’s Tale is expected going to be a large crook this weekend. The selling element hints during a movie’s fantastical elements, though doesn’t do most to interpretation a treacherous story that takes place in dual opposite time periods. Add in awful reviews (less than 10 percent on Rotten Tomatoes) and it’s tough to suppose that this is a initial or second choice for many couples.

Forecast (Feb. 14-16)

1. LEGO Movie – $39.4 million (-43%)
2. About Last Night – $34.5 million ($39 million four-day)
3. RoboCop – $15.5 million ($17.5 million four-day)
4. Endless Love – $14.6 million ($16.7 million four-day)
5. Monuments Men – $13.2 million (-40%)
6. Winter’s Tale – $8.8 million ($10.1 million)

Bar for Success

In a initial 6 days, a RoboCop reconstitute ought to compare A Good Day to Die Hard‘s $36.7 million five-day opening. About Last Night is in good figure if it gets to $20 million over a prolonged weekend. Meanwhile, Endless Love and Winter’s Tale should be reaching $15 million.

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