‘300’ Sequel to ‘Rise’ Up Against ‘Mr. Peabody’ This Weekend

March 7, 2014 - box office

by Ray Subers
300: Rise of an Empire 

 March 6, 2014

Thursday Update: 300: Rise of an Empire warranted $3.3 million from late Thursday showings. That’s a step adult from G.I. Joe: Retaliation ($2.2 million) and is significantly aloft than Wrath of a Titans ($1 million during midnight). This suggests that a $40 million weekend is a flattering protected gamble for a 300 sequel.

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Forecast: Seven years after 300 ruled a box office, a supplement finally arrives in theaters this weekend. While Rise of an Empire isn’t going to come anywhere tighten to that movie’s $70 million debut, it should still be strong adequate to take initial place forward of DreamWorks Animation’s Mr. Peabody Sherman.

In Mar 2007, 300 reached theaters with sincerely medium expectations: a expel was mostly different during a time, and executive Zack Snyder‘s usually prior film was a 2004 Dawn of a Dead reconstitute ($59 million). Its brew of singular visuals and high-stakes storytelling valid to be an appealing combination, though, and it wound adult environment a Mar opening weekend record with $70.9 million. Ultimately, 300 warranted over $456 million worldwide.

‘s large box bureau success meant it had authorization potential, yet a dour finale didn’t immediately lend itself to a sequel. Seven years later, a follow-up is finally attack theaters, despite with blurb executive Noam Murro during a helm (Snyder constructed and worked on a screenplay).

Warner Bros. has mounted an assertive selling debate for 300: Rise of An Empire, and recognition is clearly high among a aim audience. Unfortunately, a element on arrangement isn’t scarcely as sparkling as it was for 300. The character that was uninformed and sparkling behind in 2007 has in a years given been forever copied (Immortals) and parodied (Meet a Spartans). From a story perspective, there’s some denote that this is a punish tale, yet that’s not as constrained as a original’s candid loser set-up.

Still, with 7 years of sheet cost acceleration and a further of 3D premiums, Rise of an Empire unequivocally shouldn’t have a problem opening to half as most as 300. Fandango is stating that a film is outselling G.I. Joe: Retaliation, that non-stop to $40.5 million final Mar (and burnt off some approach with a Thursday launch).

Regardless of how Rise of an Empire does in a U.S., it’s certain to be a outrageous strike overseas. The film opens in 58 markets this weekend, and early numbers advise it could go on to acquire some-more than a strange ($245 million).

Mr. Peabody Sherman
is a latest DreamWorks Animation film to open in March, that has historically been a good month for a studio: in a past few years, The Croods and How to Train Your Dragon non-stop to $43.6 million and $43.7 million, respectively. Unfortunately, DreamWorks has been odd newly with strange content. In a past year-and-a-half, they’ve mislaid income on Rise of a Guardians ($103.4 million) and Turbo ($83 million).

Mr. Peabody
should urge on those movies, yet it substantially won’t fly as high as Croods or Dragon. Marketing for a film has focused heavily on Mr. Peabody, a talent articulate dog who built a WABAC (pronounced “Way Back”) appurtenance that facilitates a movie’s time transport adventures. While this has been comical enough, a interest pales in comparison to that of new charcterised hits Frozen and The LEGO Movie. With so-so reviews and approach foe from LEGO, Peabody might not be means to get to a DreamWorks customary $40 million debut.

For their part, distributor 20th Century Fox is usually awaiting $25 to $30 million this weekend. Fandango’s numbers are some-more optimistic: presales are now surpassing those of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, that non-stop to $34 million in September.

Director Wes Anderson‘s eighth movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel, opens in 4 locations in New York and Los Angeles this weekend. Anderson’s final movie, Moonrise Kingdom, had a identical launch in May 2012, and scored an implausible $130,749 per-theater normal (3rd all-time for a live-action movie).

The Grand Budapest Hotel
is receiving really good reviews (though not utterly on customary with Moonrise) and has funny, clear selling element that aligns easily with Anderson’s brand. The theaters personification Budapest are clearly awaiting high approach this weekendthe Arclight and Landmark in Los Angeles have 18 showtimes a day right nowand a per-theater normal north of $100,000 wouldn’t be surprising.

From here, Budapest seems slated for an assertive expansion: subsequent weekend, it will supplement during slightest 42 locations. While it might not eventually get to Moonrise Kingdom‘s level, it’s satisfactory to design this to get to a same ballpark as Fantastic Mr. Fox ($21 million) and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou ($24 million).

Forecast (March 7-9)

1. 300 – $42.5 million
2. Mr. Peabody – $37.2 million
3. Non-Stop – $16.2 million (-44%)
4. Son of God – $13.6 million (-47%)
5. LEGO Movie – $13.5 million (-35%)

Bar for Success

No one expects 300: Rise of an Empire to compare a original. With sheet cost acceleration and a further of 3D premiums, though, it would be unsatisfactory if Rise of an Empire non-stop next $40 million. For Mr. Peabody Sherman, a customary for a good DreamWorks Animation entrance is typically $40 million. With tough foe from The LEGO Movie, we’ll cut it some slackanything above $35 million is a excellent start.

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