‘300’ Sequel Conquers Box Office This Weekend

March 9, 2014 - box office

by Ray Subers
300: Rise of an Empire 

 March 9, 2014

While it didn’t come tighten to relating a predecessor, 300: Rise of An Empire still managed to browbeat a weekend with an estimated $45 million. Also opening this weekend, Mr. Peabody Sherman became a latest DreamWorks Animation film to defect during a domestic box office.

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Playing during 3,470 locations, 300: Rise of an Empire‘s $45.05 million entrance was off 36 percent from a strange 300, that non-stop on a same weekend in 2007. Adjusting for sheet cost acceleration and 3D premiums, Rise of an Empire sole roughly half as many tickets. Still, it was a step adult from other allied titles like G.I. Joe: Retaliation ($40.5 million), 10,000 B.C. ($35.9 million), Wrath of a Titans ($33.5 million) and Immortals ($32.2 million).

Rise of an Empire
was never approaching to compare a strange 300 during a domestic box office. While selling did a plain pursuit positioning a film as a punish tale, a story only wasn’t as constrained this time around. Also, a visible character that was so strange behind in 2007 has turn played out interjection to imitators (Immortals) and parodies (Meet a Spartans).

Still, Warner Bros. rolled out an assertive selling bid suggestive of those for vital Summer blockbusters. And while some of a progressing selling was unfocused, a run adult to recover featured improved element (the “War Pigs” blurb was utterly strong). It also helped that Rise of an Empire had some engaging new elements, many particularly a sea battles and Eva Green‘s villain.

As expected, Rise of an Empire‘s assembly lopsided masculine (62 percent). No age information was provided. They awarded a film a diseased “B” CinemaScore, that suggests it will tumble off fast in a entrance weeks. If it can conduct to play like a initial movie, it will acquire over $130 million total.

It’s value observant that Rise of an Empire got a critical boost from premium-priced tickets. 3D showings accounted for 63 percent of earnings, that is abnormally high: in comparison, Thor: The Dark World‘s 3D share was 39 percent. The film also did clever business in IMAX, where it warranted $6.8 million.

Playing during 3,934 theaters, Mr. Peabody Sherman non-stop to an estimated $32.5 million. In comparison, DreamWorks Animation’s final dual Mar releasesThe Croods and How to Train Your Dragonboth non-stop above $40 million. It is during slightest an alleviation over Turbo and Rise of a Guardians, nonetheless those dual cinema burnt off some direct with Wednesday launches.

‘s assembly was 56 percent womanlike and 52 percent above a age of 25. It perceived a clever “A” CinemaScore, that means word-of-mouth should be utterly positive. Without any critical foe for a subsequent 5 weeks, Peabody should eventually acquire over $100 million during a domestic box office.

In a second outing, Non-Stop fell 47 percent to $15.4 million. To date, a Liam Neeson thriller has grossed $52.1 million.

The LEGO Movie
was strike tough by Mr. Peabody this weekend. The charcterised strike fell 47 percentits misfortune dump yetto $11 million, that brings a sum to $225 million.

Son of God
dull out a Top Five with an estimated $10 million. That’s off 61 percent from final weekend. So far, a big-screen chronicle of History Channel’s The Bible mini-series has warranted $41.5 million.

After winning Best Picture during a Oscars final weekend, 12 Years a Slave stretched to 1,065 locations this weekend and grossed $2.2 million. That put it behind in a Top 10 for a initial time in over 3 months. The acclaimed play has now brought in over $53 million.

Playing during only 4 theaters in New York and Los Angeles, Wes Anderson‘s The Grand Budapest Hotel non-stop to an implausible $800,000 this weekend. That’s a $200,000 per-theater average, that ranks ninth all-time. Among identical releases, Budapest was a vital step adult from The Master ($147,262) and Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom ($130,749).

As The Master and Inside Llewyn Davis recently proved, clever openings in New York and Los Angeles doesn’t indispensably pledge long-term success. However, The Grand Budapest Hotel seems like a kind of comedic crowd-pleaser that’s going to play good as it expands. The film adds during slightest 65 locations subsequent weekend, that should be adequate to moment a Top 10.

Around-the-World Roundup

300: Rise of an Empire
dominated a general box bureau with $87.8 million this weekend. According to Warner Bros., it was adult 10 percent from a initial film opposite a same 58 markets. It reached all vital territories solely Japan (June) and China (undated). Top markets embody Russia ($9.2 million), France ($7.2 million), Korea ($6.5 million), Brazil ($5.8 million) and Mexico ($5.5 million) and India ($3 million).

Similar to a U.S., associate English-speaking countries Australia and a U.K. showed reduction seductiveness this time around. It warranted $4.8 million in a U.K. and $2.8 million in Australia, while a initial film non-stop to $9.3 million and $4.3 million, respectively.

Mr. Peabody Sherman
combined $21 million, that is a best weekend yet. New markets enclosed Russia ($4.5 million) and Spain ($2.1 million). So far, Peabody has grossed $65.8 million overseas.

The RoboCop reconstitute warranted $14.8 million this weekend, many of that came from China ($10.5 million). It’s now banked $40 million there, that means RoboCop could eventually turn one of those singular cinema that takes in some-more in China than in a U.S. (other new examples embody Pacific Rim and Escape Plan). Overall, RoboCop has warranted $165.3 million so far.

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‘300’ Sequel to ‘Rise’ Up Against ‘Mr. Peabody’ This Weekend

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